Shipping policy

Only Clients who are of legal age and have the legal minimum age to consume alcohol in their country of residence may place orders. Consequently, the User of the Website who wants to place an order must expressly declare if he / she is of legal age and at the same time has the legal minimum age to consume alcohol.

Once the User declares that he / she is of legal age and has the legal minimum age to consume alcohol, he / she will be able to enter our website where he / she will find all the products that VINOPRIX has for sale. All prices include the V.A.T. (Value Added Tax), both the products for sale and, where applicable, Dispatched Shipping Costs, if any.

VINOPRIX S.L., makes shipments through its website in Spain, currently only in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands through the transport company REDYSER.

In addition to Spain, VINOPRIX has also a strong presence in Italy, with its own Delegation and a person in charge of the Italian market, making shipments through the transport company GLS, which is very well positioned in the sector of shipments throughout Europe, and especially in Italy both on the peninsula and on the islands.

In VINOPRIX we consider that the purchase does not end until our esteemed client is completely satisfied, when the contracted shipment arrives, in perfect conditions and in the term established for its delivery area. Therefore, and although all our shipments are insured against loss or breakage, to ensure success in the delivery of our shipments and minimize the incidence of breakage (as they are mainly glass bottles with wine or other beverage inside), all shipments are in cardboard boxes of 6 bottles with protection + separators + air chamber.

The following Summary Table shows the Shipping Costs and Delivery Times according to the delivery area of ​​a Standard Shipment of 6 bottles in our maximum protection box, in which you can check that VINOPRIX will not earn a cent with the Shipping Costs of its Clients, not only financing ALL Shipping Costs for ALL purchases made in Peninsular Spain, but also with the considerable effort that has been made to set the Shipping Costs for the rest of the Delivery Areas, assuming an important part of the Expenses of these shipments, with the clear intention of encouraging and favoring the purchase orders coming from the other Delivery Zones, with minimum Shipping Costs for our Customers in comparison with what is paid in other Websites.

Destino (Tiempos de Tránsito en días hábiles) 1-2 bot. 3-6 bot. 7-10 bot. 12-14 bot. 15-21 bot. Cada bot. Extra
ESPAÑA PENINSULAR (2-3 días) 5,90€ 6,99€ 7.49€ 8.99€ 9.99€ +1€/bot.
BALEARES (2-3 días) 14.99€ 15.99€ 17.99€ 21.49€ 24.99€ +1.10€/bot
CEUTA/MELILLA/ANDORRA (3-4 días) 16.99€ 24.99€ 29.99€ 36.49€ 44.99€ +2€/bot
CANARIAS (4-5 días) 20.99€ 36.99€ 45.99€ 60.99€ 76.99€ +3.45€/bot
PORTUGAL PENINSULAR (3-4 días) 6.49€ 11.49€ 11.99€ 12.99€ 13.99€ +1€/bot
ALEMANIA/FRANCIA CONTINENTAL/MÓNACO (3-4 días) 11.99€ 19.49€ 20.49€ 22.49€ 24.99€ +1.10€/bot
REINO UNIDO (4-5 días) 15.49€ 25.99€ 27.99€ 28.99€ 30.99€ +1.40€/bot
ITALIA (3-4 días) 12.49€ 15.99€ 23.49€ 24.99 26.99€ +1.20€/bot
ISLAS DE ITALIA (4-5 días) 17.99€ 25.99€ 29.99€ 32.99€ 34.99€ +1.55€/bot
NORUEGA (5-6 días) 31.99€ 53.99€ 55.99€ 57.99€ 59.99€ +2.70€/bot
AUSTRIA/BÉLGICA/LUXEMBURGO/P.BAJOS (3-4 días) 12.49€ 22.49€ 23.49€ 24.99€ 26.99€ +1.20€/bot
SUIZA/DINAMAR./POLONI./ESLOVEN./R.CHECA/ESLOVAQ. (4-5 días) 16.99€ 27.99€ 27.99€ 30.99€ 32.99€ +1.50€/bot
FINLANDIA/SUECIA/IRLANDA (5-6 días) 23.99€ 45.99€ 47.99€ 49.99€ 51.99€ +2.30€/bot

How will the Customer receive his/her order?

The delivery of the order will be made at the delivery address freely designated by the Customer. Once the carrier delivers the order to the customer, he will ask him/her to sign a delivery note, which is the voucher of the Transport Agency to prove that the order has been delivered to our Customer, under the agreed conditions correctly and without damage. VINOPRIX will not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the order is not made as a result of the inaccuracy or falseness of the data provided by the Customer in the purchase order.

What to do in case of an incidence?

Incidences can be caused for several reasons:

  • In case of absence of the recipient at the delivery address when the carrier passes, it will leave a Step Note with the necessary information to arrange a new delivery at the same address as soon as possible, and always before 7 days from that first delivery attempt, because after that period of 7 days of the order not being delivered, it will be returned to origin proceeding to resolve the contract.
  • In case of breakage, our Transportation Agency has orders not to deliver shipments that have suffered a break during any phase of the journey, which will be apparent if the cardboard box is wet, or it’s dry but looks as if it had been wet before. In this case, the Customer must NOT accept the shipment, and must ask the carrier to return the shipment, indicating on the delivery note the reason for not accepting it, in this case the evidence of the breakage, in which case VINOPRIX will send a second same shipment to the same address within a second delivery period for that delivery area. In the case that the Customer does not reject the order, the transport company will invoice the shipment to VINOPRIX, who will not assume any responsibility for possible claims derived from not having rejected the order.