Best online price guarantee

At VINOPRIX we are sure that we want to become your first online wine search option, and for this reason we guarantee all Users and Clients the best online price in the market, as a sign of identity, so that if a customer finds the same product at a lower price than the one paid at VINOPRIX, he/she can ask us to refund the difference increased by 5%. To verify this, the Customer will have to take the Unit Price of the product, add the V.A.T. and add also the Shipping Costs if there were any pro-rata of the product, and in the case that the sum of these three items is higher in VINOPRIX than in any other web page, VINOPRIX would return the difference paid for increased by 5%. The price difference must refer to the same product (same name, same format and same vintage), be produced on the same day, and the product must be available in stock (not sold out). To be able to request the refund of the difference increased by 5%, the Client will have 10 days to provide VINOPRIX through an email sent to, the URL of the Website where the same product is offered at a lower final price, including VAT and transportation costs if any, and the screenshot where you can verify that you could buy the same product at a lower price than in VINOPRIX. Once this email has been received from the Client, VINOPRIX will make the appropriate verifications and will contact the Client within 10 days of receiving the email in which the claim is made, communicating the result of the verification, and whether or not her or she is entitled to reimbursement of the alleged difference paid increased by 5%, in which case it would be reimbursed within a period not exceeding 5 days.